Group of Fools Mexico Adventure 2012

ADV Fool and GoinPostal head south of the border

Randy and I are planning our escape across the border in just two short weeks. Generally, we cross at Tecate in Baja which is the penninsula on the west side of the Mexico mainland and head south from there.  This year we are still crossing at Tecate but we will then head east to the Mexico mainland.  We plan to ride new parts of Mexico, see new sights and experience new adventures. One of the big draws to Adventure Riders heading to the Mexico mainland is to ride Copper Canyon.

So stay tuned for the new ADVENTURE

Group of Fools Mexico Adventure 2012

 In this blog, we will post pictures,(if I can figure out how to do it) post a link to our SPOT tracking so you can follow our progress if you wish,hopefully add some videos and have a daily commentary of our adventures along the road.


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One thought on “Group of Fools Mexico Adventure 2012

  1. Randy Lucas

    Welcome and come along with us as Bob, “George” & I head out on our newest adventure to Mexico. There are bound to be ups and downs (hopefully none too hard) as we travel to see new places and people. Look out Mexico, the “Group of Fools” rides again!!!!!!


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